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Welcome To Washington Sportsmen's Association

Attention Skeet Shooters!

The Golden Triangle Skeet League is back at the Washington Sportsmen's Club.

Plan now to join your fellow Skeet Shooters in what is sure to be an exhilarating season.

2021-22 Season Update From the Golden Triangle Skeet League:

1. Big news- Washington Sportsmen Association will be shooting with us this year. It's great to have another club in the GTSL.... A warm welcome to Club Director Skip Alrutz and the Washington shooters!

2. The regular-season schedule will be expanded to include Washington... it will now be 10 weeks long and include bye weeks. Please check out the league schedule (click on the link above).

3. Library Sportmen's Club will be starting construction on their long-awaited new skeet fields. So, all Library "home" shoots will be shot "away" at the other GTSL clubs. Check out the schedule for more details!

Skeet League Update:

Special thanks to everyone for coming out for the first week of the Golden Triangle Skeet League. The WSA Skeet team suffered its first loss to Millvale in a very close match. Come out October 24 as The WSA Skeet team will host Library that will surely be another exciting match up. It is not too late to be part of the team, contact Skip Alrutz for more information.

2022 Golden Triangle League Week 1

Upcoming Classes

November 15, 6-9pm Preparing to Conceal Carry. It's a non shooting class with lecture in situational awareness, not to be a victim, and dress for success.

November 27, 10am-2pm Range Training - "Brilliance in the Basics"

December 1, 6-9pm US Law Shield - Trauma 1st Aid.

For More Information Contact Joe Breze


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Check out the

Washington Elite Ladies Pistol League !!!

Email us at:

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Hard to find or high cost of ammo? Give archery a try.

Archery range located next to the upper skeet field

Washington Sportsmen's Bulleye Outdoor Pistol

The outdoor season has concluded. Special thanks to everyone who participated.

The Indoor winter season will start in January. For more information contact Douglas N. Goodwin, 724-288-8273 - dglsgdwn@gmail.com

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  1. ALWAYS keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.

  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

  3. ALWAYS keep firearms unloaded until ready to use.

  4. ALWAYS unload, remove the magazine, and open the action of a firearm when someone is going down range.

  5. NEVER handle firearms while someone is down range.

  6. ALWAYS wear proper eye and ear protection at the range.

Enjoy a refreshing drink. Inside the WSA clubhouse.

Now accepting $1 bills for your convenience.